Best Meat Slicers for Bacon 2020

(Last Updated On: June 5, 2020)

In this present age, versatility is an essential thing as compared to the other primary attributes. If someone gave you few prospects regarding the versatility, i.e., more than one usage, you’d incline your interest in that product. The same is the case here with the bacon meat slicers. These meat slicers have been known for several advantageous attributes, this is why you can utilize them in different ways. We have compiled some of the best meat slicers for bacon in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

First of all, many of us may take them as only the meat slicer and cutter. But none of us may think about the other uses. The truth is these bacon meat slicers are more than just a cutter and can provide you with all the processing and handling of meat you need. These devices are the best investment in overall as it can function more smartly and smoothly. There are a plethora of things you can easily slice with this cutter. Here the general rule implies that, whatever needs slices, can be cut with a slicer. The electrically-driven bacon meat slicer is more into this matter as there is no need for any extra work. The motor can rotate the sharp blades at higher RPMs and can cut your desired items into slices within no time.

The thinner, the better! It is true for most of the meat slices. You can quickly get the thinner slices for your bacon meat with this meat slicer, which cannot be achieved via the ordinary slicer. Thin slices have further advantages in the cooking and marinating process. Marinating thin meat slices help the spices to penetrate deeper within much less time. The same goes for cooking that the heat reaches the inner fibers of the meat and makes it cook faster. You may need certain things for marinating apart from the slices. No worries, the bacon meat slicer can do it all for you. Whole processing and handling of meat have been a lot easier with these devices. Furthermore, you can also cut other items like, onions, cabbage, tomatoes, and much more marinating essentials into slices using this bacon meat slicer device. In short you cannot deny the importance of these slicers anyway.

Now what else these can slicers can do for you? Well, what if you’re craving at night and don’t have much to eat? Here also a bacon slicer will be your partner at such craving times. You can cut a simple slice of bacon meat and fry it using a fryer. Use this slice to prepare a bread-meat sandwich, and there you go. You can also make another use of this bacon meat slicer here with the bread. While frying the bacon meat, you use the bread crumb to make it crunchier. You can utilize the meat slicer to slice and shred the bread. The primary advantage is that there is no hassle, and the job is done quicker and neatly and in a smarter way.

At last, here we’re providing you two concerns regarding the meat cutting slicer. Firstly, you need to cut the bacon meat or any other meat on a flat surface. Flat surface lets you cut the even shaped slices. Secondly the meat must be moderately cold to have the perfect slices without any worry.

Talking about bacon meat slicers, in this regard, we have done an extensive research to provide you some of the best available products in the market that you can utilize to cut the bacon’s meat easily. Let’s have a look at them:-

Best Meat Slicers for Bacon (Comparison)

Super Deal21 x 16 x 16 inches35 PoundsCheck Price
ZENY21 x 16 x 16 inches35.7 PoundsCheck Price
Chef'sChoice 615A00015.5 x 10.4 x 11 inches10.61 PoundsCheck Price
BESWOOD-25020 x 17 x 14.8 inches33 PoundsCheck Price


SUPER DEAL Semi-Auto Meat Slicer

Whether you want a meat slicer for your home use or commercial purposes, you can surely get all the functionalities in this SUPER DEAL Semi-Auto Meat Slicer. First of all, power is the primary concern as the powerful motor can rotate the blades faster. This meat slicer equips the 1/3 HP, which is enough to slice the meat and vegetables for your recipe. You can easily place the device anywhere you want as it features an entirely compact design. The more preferable is that you can put it on a coffee shop counter for commercial purposes in restaurants or the kitchen counter in your homes. The non-slip legs will help to stabilize the device and avoid slipping.

One of the significant convenient features for this meat slicer is that you can easily change the place of blades to clean them effectively. The built-in sharpeners are adding more life to the blade’s edges. The device comes with the dual whetstones sharpener, which you can utilize to sharpen the blades for thin slicing. You don’t need to make the extra effort for this purpose as it just takes a few minutes to sharpen the edges and make them just like new.

The blades are made through the stainless steel material, which keeps them shiny and free from scratches. Apart from this, this attribute ensures a longer life span and makes them resistant to corrosion. You can also adjust the slicing size according to your desired cutting. The size of the slice can be adjusted in the range from 0-13mm. The slicer also comes with the wide robust tray that can hold large piece of bacon for cutting. Additional features include the ring guards for added protection.

Built-in sharpenerCleaning is a bit tough
Stainless steel bladesBlade is little bit hard to remove
Compact design


You can now cut not only the bacon meat with this device but also several other kinds of meat with the sharp stainless steel blades of this SUPER DEAL Semi-Auto Meat Slicer. It is one of the best slicer machines on the market.



ZENY Semi-Auto Meat Slicer

Higher efficiency and thin slices are no more a problem with this ZENY Semi-Auto Meat Slicer. The 240W of the powerful motor ensures you higher RPMs and lets you slice up any kind of meat you want. Also, the motor has higher torque ratings with the smoother gear ratings, which will save you enough power. Highly engineered motor makes this device environmentally friendly as well. Thickness adjusting is adding more convenience for the chefs and homemakers, which are into trying the new recipes every day. You can easily adjust the thickness of your slice ranging from 0 to ½-inches that let you achieve easy marinating and quick cooking. The higher RPMs of 530 can be delivered along with the dual baffle plates. Both these features ensure you of an easy slicing and stable design. Two baffle plates along with the nail-fixed stainless steel device can fix the meat to the slicer within a size range of 8″ into 7″. This means that you can easily cut a large-sized meat piece into slices with this compact-shaped design. Also, it can fix the meat piece so efficiently that it’ll not fall apart and comes out as thin slices.

The size of the slicer machine is great that makes it easy for you to place the device in your kitchen or restaurant easily without any hassle. The perfect size makes it further suitable for a coffee shop as well, where customers love to have bacon sandwiches along with coffee.

The safety feature is good in this meat slicer as well. The sturdy non-slip feet are installed in the device that can avoid the slippage on the counter. Moreover, the blades’ guard is installed as well. There is a food pusher that keeps the meat in place, and you can get an even-shaped slice every time.

Whetstones sharpenersLittle bit heavy
240W motor
Thickness adjusting ability


This ZENY Semi-Autosafe and easy to use meat slices can cut a variety of material for you in no time.  This CE recognized slicer machine is beast in cutting and fully reliable in every way.



Chef’s Choice 615A000 Meat Slicer

Versatility is the primary feature of this Chef’s Choice Meat Slicer. This 615A000 model can be used for cutting or slicing of a variety of food materials in any size that you want. All the internal components are finished through the Aluminum material, which ensures a longer life span and enhances the efficiency of this device. The metal food pusher adds to the convenience by keeping the food in place, so it doesn’t get fall apart. The extraordinary power and high torque motor for this device make it fast enough to slice up everything that comes. It’s the way. The 120W motor works on the 120/240V power supply can be used in homes and restaurants easily.

Another unique feature that makes this device different from others is its tilted food carriage. This food carriage helps in slicing faster and in a more efficient way. The food carriage helps to cut the large-sized meat pieces, including roasts, hams, bacon, and much more. There is a special button on the device as well that keeps the food carriage in its definite place to secure the blades when not in use. The blades have a size of 7-inches and made through the stainless steel material to cut or slice within the range of 3/4 –inches thick. The blades are also movable and can be removed easily to clean the device effectively after the slicing job is done. All the other components including food carriage, food deflector, and thickness adjusters can be removed as well for further deep cleaning.

Multi-purpose deviceNot suitable for heavy-duty purpose
All components are removable
Locked food carriage


What else you need than a device that can cut bacon and any type of meat or vegetable with its 7-inches sharp blade and can be cleaned easily afterward. This nicely made slicer machine also comes with the warranty.



BESWOOD-250 Meat Slicer

This is one of the most advanced and highly efficient meat slicer devices that can be driven on low power as well. The device is powered with the 240W motor to achieve the 282 RPMs. The supreme quality BESWOOD-250 Meat Slicer is chromium coated and let you enjoy the slicing for a more extended period. You don’t need to maintain the device very often because the chromium-plating make it corrosion resistant as well. All these features aid you in keeping the machine intact, whether you use it for home or commercial purposes as well. Not only is this, but the Carbon Steel Blades are placed in this meat slicer that can slice any kind of meat, including bacon, chicken, ham, and much more in a few minutes. Also, the carbon steel blades are completely resistant towards the corrosion, which not only enhances their life span but keeps them sharp as well. You don’t need a sharpener and put extra effort into sharpening the blades before slicing up. However, a sharpener is added complementary in case you need it.

Protection of any kind is necessary. Whether you need protection against the highly sharpen blades or again the electricity, both are taken care of in this device. To protect the operator from any shock, a 24V double illuminated switch is added that works against the electric shocks. Moreover, the blade guards are added to keep your hands secure while pushing the meat into the slicer.

The operation of this is entirely V belt-driven, which means that there will be no noise and vibrations. The skid-proof feet ensure you of no slippage at all while working.

10" blade diameterA little high price
Carbon Steel blade


This BESWOOD Meat Slicer is perfect for cutting vegetables and any kind of meat in your restaurants, shops, cafes, and homes as well. This slicer machine is FDA, ETL, and NSF recognized.



Overall Conclusion

Meat slicers are providing you their services not only for a single kind of food accessories but for all sorts, including bacon meat, ham, and vegetables as well. This versatility, along with the durability, makes this device perfect to have at your home or restaurants to slice up the food for your recipes. We have highlighted some of the best available products with highly powered motors and large blade diameters that worth being in your kitchen. Choose according to your needs.


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