Best Over The Range Microwave For Venting 2020

(Last Updated On: June 3, 2020)

Microwaves are a modern appliance that offers great help in making your meals with convenience. It has not only replaced the conventional cooking range but has facilitated a lot in reducing the time and adding style to your kitchen. Microwave oven comes in a wide range of features, sizes, and shaping, making it possible to get the best option to align with the rest of the theme. The microwave oven is multipurpose and can be used to heat a variety of food items for consumption and use. The basic function of the microwave oven is to defrost food items, but some advance microwave appliances can even cook some of the meals & help in making different dishes.

Over the Range (OTR) microwave is the latest variant on the market today which gives an amazing choice for contemporary kitchens with limited space and a built-in appliance to match with the overall theme of your kitchen. OTR microwaves come with a variety of options and ranging from high power to slim design offering a complete cooking solution for your home. The amazingly designed microwave doesn’t cost too much, but capable of making hundreds of dishes without any hassle. This is easier to wipe, maintain and place in the modern cabinets to become a part of the kitchen.  We have compiled some of the best over the range microwave for venting in this publication. We suggest you have a look at them.

A microwave oven uses electromagnetic radiation with a range of frequency that produces thermal energy using a process of dielectric heating to heat the food. The microwave ovens efficiently work and heat the food at a uniform frequency. Microwave ovens are not an alternative to the professional cooking range because they lack boiling temperature that is the main feature of conventional cooking appliances. Microwave ovens are suitable for all types of foods heating and defrosting, whether it is meat, cheese, milk, tea or bread. The microwave oven offers a solution for everyone.

Most of the over the range microwave ovens are squat and it gets difficult to place them in a narrow space when placed in your kitchen. You should consider the space available in your kitchen before buying one for your home because it gets quite difficult to operate and press buttons. Microwave appliances have changed our lives and they are offering flexibility to be used anytime in homes and offices alike. They offer a wide range of benefits to the users and don’t consume enough electricity.

Most of the microwave ovens come with a complete installation kit which makes it easier to use them in kitchens with easy access and use. They are lightweight and can be placed on countertops and cabinets attaching with range hood. They come with accessories to completely install the cooking range in any place. It plays a wide range of functions such as cooking, heating, defrosting, melting, popping and frying a wide range of food items to help users in the daily preparation of food and to make cooking easier with this modern appliance.

There are many brands of microwave ovens available on the market ranging in design, technology, features, and costs as well. So, buying the best microwave for your home requires a lot of consideration in terms of functionality, installation, and performance. Here, we are offering you reviews of some of the best performing microwave ovens to buy for long-lasting results and use as below:

Best over the Range Microwave for Venting (Comparison)

GE JVM3162RJSS63 Pounds1000Check Price
LG LMV2031ST63 Pounds1000Check Price
Kenmore 8037369.5 Pounds1000Check Price
Sharp R1874T71 Pounds850Check Price


GE JVM-3162RJSS Microwave

If you are looking for a basic oven for general use in the kitchen, then GE JVM3162RJSS is the best option. GE over the range microwave is a convenient and most affordable option for home use. It can easily defrost, warm and cook food with convenient controls and easy navigations. The oven uses 120 Volts with 1.6 Cu ft enables direct heating. The stainless-steel microwave offers consistent heating and amazing results to the users. It incorporates 10 levels of power to increase and decrease the heating capacity and help to make a variety of foods. The GE microwave has an outstanding rating and extremely popular among the home users for its performance and reliability. This is a really amazing appliance for heating, noise, and venting. It is easy to use and has enough capacity to fit a 9×15 inch dish for heating and cooking. It incorporates sensors that automatically detect when the meal is prepared in the oven. The oven is easier to clean and manage even a very small space. OTR oven adds a sleek handle to the door of the oven to let the users open and close it conveniently. The best thing about the oven is convertible venting that makes it perfect to fit any venting system. It has simplified the cooking procedure and help to accomplish a variety of cooking programs to fit your needs.

Convertible Venting makes it adjustable in a small space.Quite expensive
Easy controls
Highly effective sensors


GE JVM multi-purpose OTR oven does a wonderful job in the kitchen and makes your life easier to accomplish your cooking goals. It doesn’t only save power but offers uninterrupted heating for a meal and defrosting. This is a decent microwave and works perfectly. It has smooth touch and display time which adds additional features overall. It has the highest customer satisfaction ratio. So, we would love to recommend this to buy and have a try.



LG LMV-2031ST Microwave

LG is one of the pioneers in making over the range microwave ovens and helping consumers to fulfill their cooking needs. LG 2031ST is a 1000-watt oven with a specialized energy-saving key that doesn’t cost you much. The oven is made with stainless steel and has powerful ventilation that makes it easier to vent and the oven does its job quietly without creating any noise and distortion in the surroundings. The oven features a powerful sensor that works greatly incorporating humidity sensors that automatically adjust the time of cooking on the basis of sensor results and give high performance for heating. The oven incorporates an easy to use smooth touch glass controls, making with 4-digit LED green display, making it easier to operate and use with the single touch setting. It adds a number of features to the oven, especially auto defrost function, child lock, and turntable for the users. Auto defrost makes it easier to normalize the frosted items and make it easier to cook for meals. It helps to put a lock on the oven restricting children’s access to the oven and keep the oven safes from them. The turntable is incorporated in this latest model of LG microwaves for rotational heating and letting the food prepared from all the directions. LG offers a complete measurement guideline along with the manual of the oven to let the users arrange their space accordingly. It can be used in a variety of dishes and takes less energy to cook and prepare different dishes at home.

Highly efficient and energy savingNot incorporate built-in dishes for making
Easier to clean & manage
Creates beeps&indicators on usage


LG offers a sleek and modern designed microwave oven that offers a wide range of cooking features with different heating levels, giving more control and options to prepare your meals conveniently. It comes with decent packing. The interior of the microwave is huge. The touchpad is amazing, easy to press.  The touchpads of some brands are pressed forcefully. But this microwave requires only a light single touch. It’s Interior is grey and has a sleek looking exterior; the display window is bigger and won’t bother you at all. If you are planning to buy the product, we would suggest you go for it. It is well worth the price for you. It works perfectly and has proven to be an attractive, powerful microwave.




Kenmore 80373 Microwave Oven

Kenmore Elite convection microwave 80373 has a wonderfully build, hidden vent design to fit any kitchen decor and give you a comfortable use to assist in the kitchen. Its digital touch controls offering auto prepare dinner, vehicle Reheat, and Defrost, you can fast put together your preferred meals. It provides a handy one-contact choice, such as Popcorn, Pizza, and vegetables allow heating foods with the touch of a button. Besides, it has sensor cooking controls, One-contact Cooking and retaining it warm/simmer. Kenmore makes your dinner a hassle-free and enjoyable task. Whether you want to prepare food for yourself or the circle of friends and family in the busy schedules and don’t want to take over the stove to get dinner on the table, then this microwave is a blessing for you. It is a versatile cooking appliance that helps to make healthy and tasty meals in less time. It has pre-defined functions to create a number of dishes and built-in sensors for perfectly heating the meal. Use the multi-level cooking option to deliver a meal from the freezer to the table in minutes; no night-earlier than meal-prep required. Easy-to-use with sensitive controls and Combi Cook feature makes sure that you may enjoy true food with the circle of relatives with much less problem. Get meals prepared faster with the Kenmore Elite 80373 over-the-variety microwave.

Enable heating from bottom upVery expensive
Incorporate fans to clear the air
Incorporate rack for more space Multilevel&speed cooking


Expect an overwhelming performance from a powerful cooking machine with 1000 watts of power which delivers even heating at a constant speed. It is perfect for warming, roasting and baking food for the entire family without any hassles. Kenmore offers an extended warranty to the users with additional features to help users to make their day to day meals easily. This Kenmore product is not at all is expensive yet it does meet most of the requirements indicated on it. It warms the food properly. The ‘’INCANDESCENT’’ bulbs on the surface enhance its overlook. The instructions are clearly written.  This is a product which by far is one of the great models Kenmore has ever produced with complete customer satisfaction.



Sharp R1874T

In the last few years sharp has produced some of the great products. The sharp R1874T Convention Microwave Oven is one of them. The company just received the best manufacturer and best-in-class award in 2019, which shows the value and class.

The sharp R1874T is the latest and advanced stainless steel design among over the range microwave oven company has ever produced. This conventional microwave oven has more space inside. Easy to read colorful 7 digits numbers allows you to monitor the time easily. The sharp R1874T Convection microwave oven has 12 Compucook and Compudefrost programs and 8 sensor cooking programs to give the user multiple options for cooking. In other conveniences, the microwave also has turntable on and off option, powerful ventilation fan, two solid racks, minute timer, and control lock. Overall, the microwave cooks beautifully and 100% reliable appliances.

ReliableNo night light
Stainless Steel


The stainless steel Sharp R1874T is by far one of the best and convenient over the range microwave oven. With 850 wattage power, you can cook your favorite meals as u like. With this model, there are zero chances of burning your food because of its built-in smart and easy sensor settings.



Overall Conclusion

Microwaves are used widely across the world these days. We cannot deny the advantages and importance of the microwave. They cook food quickly and do our work instantly with a blink of an eye. It won’t be wrong if we call these gadgets a complete peace of mind. In this article, we have discussed some of the best microwave models to make things easier for you if you are planning to buy one.


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