Best Tow Hitches for Caravan 2020

(Last Updated On: August 13, 2020)

Investing in a tow hitch for your vehicle can be a great and highly beneficial investment. Since most of the time when we require going to family vacations or long road-trips with family or friends, there is always a need for a caravan or a camper on our journeys. These caravans or campers don’t just make the trip or journey a lot more fun and exciting, but they also add the ease and comfort of having all the home essentials around while you’re on the go. However, you can’t just move with a caravan or a camper when you’ve got your vehicle ready to lead the way. At times like this, a tow hitch is what serves us the best way possible. This mainly means that using a tow hitch you can connect your caravan to your tow vehicle. Once that happens, you are more likely to have a memorable and comfortable journey with your friends or family. However, when it comes to having a tow hitch that would serve as a strong connecting tool for your caravan and your vehicle, it’s highly important to look for the best option. We have compiled some of the best tow hitches for caravan in the article. We suggest you have a look at them.

Since on road journeys require great safety and security, especially when you’re towing a caravan on a long road trip. Although, that’s not all one should look for when buying a tow hitch for the caravan. This means that the quality these tow hitches offer and how well and easily they make setting up and working for you, are some more important factors to consider. Now to ensure that you are keeping all these factors in mind and then investing in the right tow hitch for your caravan, you must look for the best options at first.

This would eliminate the need for looking into numerous options in the market. Besides, with so many different brands and models out there, one can surely get confused and messed up on what would be most suitable to invest in therefore, the sooner you head on tow hitch best options there are available according to the model of your vehicle, the faster you’ll find the right tow hitch in a hassle-free manner.

Now when it comes to looking for the best option of tow hitch particularly for caravan, everyone has their statements and models of ‘best’. This once again can be a struggle for many, while also being extremely time-consuming. But that’s not something you should worry about, as we’re here to help you out. Now with the help of the below-mentioned best tow hitch for caravan options, you will hardly need to look for any more options. Simply because, we’ve managed to review some of the best options below that are also suitable to go with any and every vehicle – while also being a long-lasting investment. And when you’re getting all that, there’s hardly any doubt in the fact that you’ve found the best options to look into. This way, nothing will stop you from availing a comfortable and easing road trip with your loved ones. Now to ensure a durable and secure towing experience for your caravan with your vehicle, let’s go ahead and discover the best tow hitch for caravans below:-

Best Tow Hitches for Caravan (Comparison)

CURT 1311839 x 25 x 12 inches44.2 poundsCheck Price
CURT 1333311.3 x 8.9 x 7 inches13 poundsCheck Price
Reese Towpower 44603N/A16 poundsCheck Price
Reese Towpower 370427 x 11 x 30 inches51.7 poundsCheck Price


CURT 13118 Class 3 Trailer Hitch

This strong trailer hitch comes with a weight capacity of 6,000 lbs. being the gross trailer weight, and 900 lbs. being the tongue weight. Altogether, this ensures the strong ability of this trailer hitch for towing to even the heaviest vehicles. The versatile design that this CURT 13118 Class 3 Trailer Hitch has to offer ensures that you can utilize it for a variety of towing options. So whether you have a bike rack, tow hook, cargo carrier, or a ball mount, you can be sure to utilize this trailer hitch for your towing needs. To ensure you and your vehicle’s safety while utilizing this trailer hitch for any of your towing needs, it goes through aftermarket testing according to the SAE J684 conditions. This is done after the design is tested on-vehicle at a Detroit engineering facility.

Since this tow hitch is fully coated with a rust-resistant liquid; Bonderite along with a durable black powder coat; you can be sure that it won’t face any issues due to rust, chipping, and/or UV rays. Hence, you can surely rely on the durability of this trailer hitch. Particularly, if you have a Ford F150, you can be sure to save your installing time and efforts, as this hitch comes as a custom factory fit option for selective models. However, you can also self-install it on other car models. For a more efficient and strong look, the creation of this trailer hitch is according to a combination of both robotic welding as well as skilled manual welding. This gives it a more cleanly welded look while making it a decent fit for the hitch.

Overall, quality steel which is used in its construction, it’s unique and special design, plus its ability to drag more weight makes it worth buying.

Strong makingInstructions aren’t helpful
Rust-free coating
Trusted product


If you’re looking for a trailer hitch that fits various vehicles without giving you a hard time, then this one is surely the best one to invest in. yet, along with this, you also get a clean and strong design in this trailer hitch, which is also worth your investment.



CURT 13333 Class 3 Trailer Hitch

The strong and dependable weight capacity of this trailer hitch ensures that you can trust it for all your towing needs; whether the trailers are heavy or light. The 2×2 hitch receiver design equipped on this class 3 hitch gives users to make use of it for various towing needs. This includes towing options like cargo carrier, ball mount, tow hook, bike rack, etc. Since this CURT 13333 Class 3 Trailer Hitch goes through real-world testing according to the SAE J684 standards, it ensures that your towing experience with it is extremely safe and durable. Its dual coat finishing of rust-resistant liquid Bond rite and the extremely durable black powder coat, both combine to ensure the protection of this trailer hitch. Hence, you can be sure that it won’t face common issues of rusk, chip, or UV-rays anytime in the future. With the vehicle-specific-design of this trailer hitch, you can be sure that it can easily custom fit to models of Ram 1500, 2500, or 3500 and Dodge Ram 1500, 2500, or 3500. It also comes with the addition of the required hardware for installing this trailer hitch to your vehicle. The quality combination of skilled manual welding and robotic welding of this trailer hitch adds an extra touch of efficiency, strength, and perfect fitting to your vehicle. The strong and durable carbon steel material of this hitch is surely worth relying on for all your towing needs. The best part of this trailer hitch is that it’s super easy to install, you don’t have to put extra effort in its installation which makes it peace of mind for many users.

Durable makingNot easy to find ½” hex socket for installing
Perfect fit
100% reliable product


If you’re looking for a strong trailer hitch that not just fits perfectly to your vehicle but is also easy-to-install with the tools that come along, then this CURT 13333 Class 3 Trailer Hitch made with carbon steel is certainly the best one you can invest in.




Reese Towpower 44603 Custom-Fit Hitch

The fine making and quality designing of this Reese Towpower 44603 Class-iii-iv-receiver/Class-iv-trailer-hitch custom-fit hitch ensures an easy and hassle-free custom fit to any and every vehicle. It comes with a 2-inch receiver for a more fine and decent fitting on your vehicle. This Reese Towpower 44603 Custom-Fit Hitch comes with the ease of as many no-drill applications as you want, giving you complete control over the vehicle you want to fit this hitch on without any limitations. The 600 pounds tongue weight along with the 6000 pounds gross towing weight of this custom-fit hitch ensures a strong and efficient towing experience for any vehicle you have. The easy-to-install making as well the sturdy materials of this Reese Towpower 44603 Custom-Fit Hitch ensures a more durable and long-lasting usage experience.

This custom-fit hitch comes with shiny back special powder coat with E-coat lower finishing. Another top quality of this Reese Topower 44603 custom-fit hitch is its neat out looks which looks nice on vehicle too. The precise welding ensures that you get better strength and safety. So, if you are looking for trailer hitch with better towing performance than this 44603 custom- fit hitch from Reese is an ideal option to choose that also offers limited time warranty to its users as well.

Easy-to-installRequires spare-tire removing for installation
Strong making
Neat overall looks
Comes with installing hardware


This Reese Towpower 44603 Custom-Fit Hitch serves as one of the most sturdy caravan hitch options that you can invest in, while it is also easy-to-install; making it even more suitable for anyone to get started with on any vehicle. Remember, it’s highly recommended trailer hitch that is specially designed for serious trailering.



Reese Towpower 37042 Multi-fit Hitch

The 500 pounds tongue weight and 5000 pounds gross towing weight of this Reese Towpower 37042 Multi-fit Hitch ensure that you don’t have to limit your towing needs with this tow hitch. Hence, you can easily tow even heavy trailers with your vehicle. For easy and fast installing, this multi-fit hitch is created to give you a hassle-free installing experience taking only 45 minutes. And with the 2-inch square receiver tube opening, you won’t have to go in any installing details at all. To ensure the strength and safety of your towing experience with this multi-fit hitch, its construction focuses on complete and efficient welding. This multi-fit hitch comes in a metal shield black coating that ensures its corrosion-free durability for the users, making it a perfect fit for long term towing needs.

This Towpower 37042 Multi-fit Hitch is a perfect addition for vehicles like Passenger cars, SUV vans, and light trucks. For a less hectic and sorted installation of this hitch, it comes with all the hardware needed for instant installing while making the overall process hassle-free for you. The heavy-duty making of this hitch holds up any trailer just perfectly, without giving you a hard time due to the weight of the trailer. The quality making of this Towpower 37042 Multi-fit Hitch makes it a universal hitch that can be utilized for towing needs on almost any vehicle. This Multi-fit 37042 hitch is one of the best options you can have if you are looking for exceptional towing performance throughout your journey.

Comes with all mounting hardwareInstalling takes time if you are newbie
Heavy-duty making
Admirable towing performance


If you’re looking for a tow hitch that serves you as a finely built as well as an efficient, strong, corrosion-resistant, and durable towing tool for any and every vehicle, then you should invest in this Towpower 37042 Multi-fit Hitch. The three steps coating finishing of this trailer hitch makes it worth buying.



Overall Conclusion

Having a tow hitch for your caravan can be a great help to tow it to your vehicle for all those long trips and by road journeys. After all, it’s always a necessity when it comes to going on by-road trips with families and friends. And other than that, if you look at the fun side of it, one can’t just miss out having a caravan along the way while being on the road with our vehicle too. However, choosing a suitable tow hitch that fits your vehicle and ensures strong towing of the caravan with it, is a major factor one should consider. Therefore, if you look into the best options, only then you can make a worth it investment.


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