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Free shipping on orders over $49 Free shipping on orders over $49
30-day postage paid returns 30-day postage paid returns

Return Process

Write at the top:

Please be sure to select the reason for return in the return process: Personal reasons!!!
Please fill in the description: No reason!!
Please upload the picture: product/package or order screenshot!!

Our returns service is a third-party return service provider, we spend a deposit on each order, so customers can enjoy free returns and full refunds.
The third-party service provider will review the reason for the return
So, follow our tips to fill it out! If you fill in other reasons, it may cause the return to fail!! You will be responsible for the resulting non-returnability.
If you have to fill in according to your own understanding, we may eventually lose the eligibility to provide free return service, and then we and you will bear the same loss, and can only ask you to return the product yourself, which will be very troublesome.

Where is the return link button?

Method 1: Visit the Find Your Orders page and look for the Return Link button.


Method 2: Access the order information page via the button in the order confirmation email and look for the return link button.

Method 3: If you can't find the link button, please send an email directly to (support@bestchoicess.com) our customer service email to request a return. If your order is eligible for return, customer service will send you a link directly to the return process.

Method 4: 

If you purchase multiple products and the total order amount exceeds 280USD, we will split it into 2 or more orders for you to protect your after-sales rights. Be sure to return the products separately via the different return links for each order.

For example, if your order has 2 products for a total amount of 300USD, we will split it into 2 orders for you. If you need to return a product, please request a return through the different return links for 2 orders. You will be given 2 different prepaid return labels, and then you will need to ship the products separately.

If your order reaches $280, remember not to return multiple products using the same return link!!! Due to the rules of the return service company, if you return a product in multiple orders with 1 link, we will only refund you the amount of one of the products.

What is the returns process?

Step 1:Open the return link and click the Apply for Return button

Step 2:Follow the requirements in the image below to complete the return form and upload screenshots of your order information and photos of your package.

Step 3:After waiting for the system to approve the return request (1-3 days), download and print the prepaid return label and send the package through the designated shipping company. (You need to contact the designated transportation company to collect the goods at your door, or go to the designated transportation company service outlets to send the package)

Step 4:

Once your package has been shipped, keep an eye out for updates on the return link. Our staff will conduct a product inspection after receiving the package, and if there is no problem, it will be received as soon as possible.
Please wait patiently for the return process to be fully completed (usually 7-30 days), we will complete the refund process for you within 2-8 days and send you an email.
If the return takes too long for you to wait, please contact us and we can issue you an early refund if the case is available (the package must be shipped).
The refund amount will take different times depending on the payment method or different banks, usually within 2-15 days after the refund operation is completed.
If you do not receive a refund for more than 20 days, please actively contact our customer service email, we will check the whereabouts of the refund or the reason why the refund has not been received.

I don't want to return it, but what if I want a partial refund for other reasons?

We accept offers for partial refunds as long as there are reasonable reasons. Please contact our customer service email to negotiate with us for the specific amount, thank you!


If there are chargebacks without returns, we will treat these chargebacks as credit card fraud!!
We engage law firms in each country with whom we work to bring allegations of credit card fraud to the local courts where the chargeback is located, which we abhor and will pursue to the end.